Win installation service at home professional, cheap


After a while using the computer, you necessarily need to reinstall win. This helps to protect the computer for a long time, without interrupting the work. Tran Anh Computer Company installs win win at home for you. Professional service, cheap price, quality assurance.

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When to reinstall Windows computer?

The following are indications: your computer must reinstall Windows.

– Could not start windows, even if the computer is turned on.

– When the Company Logo appears, the computer will automatically reset.

– The computer stops at the windows wallpaper, cannot enter the win, an error window appears.

– Green screen appears, with white words.

– Computer with many viruses. In use, suddenly frozen or hung. The software runs slower than usual.

– Appearance of redundant programs – errors, advertisements when surfing the web.

– Computer screen is black. Despite your efforts, you still cannot change the wallpaper. If exchangeable, it will automatically return to black.

– Frequently requested update. Could not turn off the computer.

– New computer purchased, not installed with win. Or the computer installs Ubuntu, you want to switch to windows.

– The computer starts up, shuts down too slowly.

– Computers often encounter errors, run software not smoothly, …

The importance of installing win at home
In case, your computer makes the error above. You must reinstall win. Many people wonder: why must reinstall win? Or where did the error come from? Reinstalling win is very normal.

While using a computer, you cannot avoid copying data, downloading software (applications), installing utilities, surfing the web, etc.

The computer drive fills up every day, making booting / shutdown slower. The operating system often encounters errors, hinders users. Reinstalling the Windows computer after 1 period of use is necessary.

In the past, people had to go to shops (specializing in computers) to reinstall Windows computers. This job takes a lot of time and effort. Now you just need to stay home, call Tran Anh Computer Company. We provide home windows installation service.

Staff install win at home professional, dedicated to the job. Computer repair service of Tran Anh is reputable, cheap, quality assurance. We are happy to meet all of your requests!

The important software when installing win computer
When reinstalling Windows computer, do not forget the following software. It is really useful for your work.

– Document editing software: Office versions (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013).

– Vietnamese typing software: Unikey, Vietkey.

– Software to read different types of files such as PDF, Foxit Reader, Foxit Phantom, Adobe Reader, …

– Web browsers: FireFox, Chrome, Coc Coc, Yahoo, Skype, IDM.

– Applications for listening to music, watching videos.

– Font needed, meeting the needs of text editing.

– Garbage collection application: Cleaner.

– Automatic anti-virus software

– Other necessary applications (depending on demand).

Your computer is time to reinstall Windows? You don’t have to go far. Call Tran Anh Computer Company immediately. We will be there after 15-20 minutes (depending on the distance close).

The service installs win at home with advantages: fast, convenient, saving time and effort for customers. Please trust in Tran Anh Computer Company! We only provide reputable service, quality assurance. Commitment to customer satisfaction.